Our Story

Our Founder & Story

Passion, love, and hard work are the sun, soil, and water that grew Millefleur. Malaysian born and raised, this minimalist skincare brand hopes to change the current 10-step morning and night-time skincare routine to the one that’s effective, simple, and natural. 

The founder of Millefleur always knew that she wanted to be an entrepreneur and run her own business ever since she was a young girl. Anice was just 12-years-old when she began giving simple facials to family and friends, and that first sparked her love for skincare. At 13-years-old she watched as her mother built her skincare brand from the ground-up. After having seen the joy and pride that filled her mother, Anice too wanted to live a life doing what she loved. This inspired her to start her own skincare brand.

As a minimalist, Anice wanted to incorporate the ideas of simplicity into the brand in order to simplify the skincare routines of those all around the world. 

Anice explains the significance behind her brand name, why she decided to start her brand and why do it now. 

What does MILLEFLEUR mean?

Millefleur means a thousand flowers in French. I wanted the brand’s name to have a connection to nature. Millefleur is the perfect fit for what I envision the brand to be, and what I hope it will grow to become. The name also represents who I am as someone who loves nature. I am calm, positive, and always looking for growth.


What made you decide to start a skincare brand?

I’m not a big fan of the fast-paced city lifestyle. So, the products I use in my skincare routine reflect that. I often made DIY skincare remedies, using ingredients that I had at home, such as aloe vera, honey, cucumber, and turmeric. Whenever I made aloe vera gel at home without any preservatives, it wouldn’t last long. It was because of that reason, I was inspired to create my own brand focusing on products made specifically with aloe vera. 


Why start a brand now?

I’ve been adapting a lifestyle of minimalism in recent years, and I had noticed that I was buying and using one product for one week, and a new one the next. Being a minimalist taught me that we should only consume the things that we need, and not always what we want. 

I wanted to relate minimalism to my skincare brand since it is such a large part of my life. You don’t need a lot of products and ingredients to treat your skin. 

Our Mission 

Millefleur aims to produce products made of the highest quality of ethically sourced natural and plant based ingredients. We want to transform complicated and overwhelming skincare routines of the everyday person to an easy, simple, and effortless one with the help of our products. 

We believe in offering affordable skincare products, quality, and environmentally conscientious to all. We hope to be the go-to minimalist skincare brand with products that provide more than just one skin treatment or benefit. 

But most importantly, we will work towards growing and fostering a strong, trusting, and transparent relationship with all of our customers, both online and offline.