Our Founder's Skincare Routine For This Month!

It's normal to change your skincare products sometimes, humans love to experience new things and there are so many amazing products out there to try! We also understand how it's hard to find the right product for your skin too!

Our founder Anice Hassan believes that minimal skincare routine is the way to go for healthier skin. She used to overdo hers. The Korean 10-steps skincare routine was experimented by Anice for 3 months. Her goal was to achieve an egg skin. Fair, no texture, smooth, even skin tone and less wrinkles but that did not turn the way she wanted.

This was what happened to Anice's skin after she overdid her skincare routine.

After 3 months, she finally decided to go back to basic skincare routine. She first started with cleanser, serum and sunscreen. Then slowly added a moisturizer and eye cream for night routine.

Here are the list of products that Anice currently using:

1. Cetaphil cleanser

2. Millefleur Fresh + Glow Intensive Hydrating serum

3. Clinelle UV Defense SPF50 

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