How To Declutter Your Skincare Products

It's total lockdown again Malaysians! Who else feels demotivated lately? 

We find decluttering may help you! Nothing feels more therapeutic than cleansing your space, thoughts and your skincare collections! We're on this road with you!

Decluttering trains you to let go of unnecessary things that you're no longer valued, used and needed. When you let go of that which no longer serves you, it takes a load of responsibility off your mind. Thus, your mind will feel at ease and "put its feet up".

How To Declutter Your Skincare & Beauty Products:

Step 1: Clear out and stop using everything for a while.
Step 2: Find what actually works for you in your collection.
Step 3: Test one product at a time.
Step 4: Continue with what works for you.

Keeping a concise skincare collection not only makes your routine more approachable but it allows your skin to truly adapt to the products you're using. Incorporating too many ingredients can cause irritation, inflammation and just unnecessary stress.


Personal Experience by Anice Hassan (Founder of Millefleur)

Hello everyone! It's Anice here. I've been keeping up with minimalist skincare routine and it worked really well on me until one day I decided to try Hyaluronic Acid into my routine. I found that it didn't suit well on my skin as it damaged my skin barrier, left my skin dryer than ever and I got breakouts easily. New pimples kept appearing, one after another. It was frustrating!

I tried to put on necessary products for extra hydrations but full-routine skincare like 10-steps korean skincare routine did not work on me too. I did not exactly put 10 products on my skin, but I did the best that I could to have better skin again. It has been an emotional journey to repair the damage. I was insecure, not confident enough to show up for Millefleur and I've lost the main focus: which is to keep my skincare routine as minimal as possible.

That experience woke me up and kept me aware that going minimal and simple is always the best solution. I never regret by keeping my routine with only cleanser, Millefleur Fresh + Glow Intensive Hydrating serum and sunscreen. My skin is healing and its getting better.

I'm happier to be back on track! Thank you for supporting Millefleur.

With love, Anice Hassan

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True. I stop using everything too and just stick to my cleanser and serum everrdayy

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